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Exceptional Living, Exceptional Service

A great home is only one part of the Real Estate equation, but a strategic marketing plan ensures your listing gets the best exposure. The Exceptional Living Group utilizes a variety of publicity: high end print publications, google display campaigns, digital awareness, and SEO optimization all play a valuable part in the selling process. Above all, we aim to present your home in the best way possible.

A perfect home deserves the perfect market.

Bringing the best tools to the right situation is the foundation of a successful business. As Compass Agents, ELG has access to exclusive technology that makes finding your dream house or selling your existing home that much easier. V.A.S. (Virtual Agent Services) provides digital home tours, structured and personalized email campaigns, and calibrated searches that connect you to the perfect buyer or seller.

Marketing with a Purpose.

What all goes into an ELG marketing strategy? The first step is recognizing your home’s unique strengths: Is it’s design modern or classic? Is the neighborhood a cozy retreat or a bustling shopping destination? Our team is made up of longtime residents who are experienced with current market trends and Tennessee’s agent community, but we also utilize real-time data to verify that our campaigns are reaching the appropriate audience.

Over 40% of buyers start their process digitally.

The average buyer is first exposed to your property digitally, with over 40% of buyers reporting that they found their purchase online, and exposure typically includes three different types of digital media (search engines, social media, and digital ads ranking the highest). Our campaigns integrate diverse digital mediums to guarantee that regardless of the format, your home will be visible and positioned for success.

Online presence is an important service for any modern agent, but we also recognize that a personal touch is often the missing component in many approaches. We’ve hosted live jazz at open houses, feature our properties in external and internal print publications, utilize drone photography, and we’ve even been featured on the news! We take your Real Estate journey seriously, and part of our commitment is to showcase your property in the best way possible, no matter the method.